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Know what to look for.

Know what to say.

Know what to do.

If you suspect an employee or colleague is not coping, and you are concerned for their safety, would you know what to do?

Attend this essential 1 day first aid training for mental health at work & learn what to do.

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Introducing the 1 day Mental Health Essentials course

Director of the Mental Health Recovery Institute, Emi Golding

Mental Health Essentials is a hands-on, practical course that teaches you to spot the warning signs of mental illness and take appropriate action before the situation deteriorates.

Course content is specific to the workplace context, and techniques focus on how to respond safely and appropriately to assist individuals to access professional help, while maintaining work performance.

The unique 1 day format is designed specifically for busy leaders and employees, to give you everything you need to know, and nothing you don’t.

Learn practical, life-saving skills

    • Recognise the symptoms of the most common types of mental illness, including anxiety, depression and substance abuse
    • Understand the difference between stress and mental illness
    • Identify the triggers of depression and suicide
    • Confidently handle a conversation with a colleague who is thinking of suicide
    • Understand how drugs, alcohol and medication affect mental health
    • Learn why important to nip mental health problems in the bud as they crop up
    • Act quickly and with confidence when trauma hits your workplace
    • Safeguard your mental wellbeing in difficult situations
    • Implement triggers of good mental health as soon as you leave the room

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    Is it just stress… or something worse?

    Anxiety, depression, substance abuse, suicide: there is a silent epidemic occurring in the workplace. Mental illness affects 1 in 5 Australians, and it doesn’t stay at home.

    Stress is unavoidable in the modern workplace – even desirable as it motivates and stretches us to perform. But there is a point where healthy stress becomes chronic stress, and when chronic stress develops into mental illness.

    Left untreated it will harm the individual, damage your team’s culture, and impact the performance of your business.

    You can make a difference

    The Mental Health Essentials course will equip you with the skills to identify and respond effectively to a work colleague who may be suffering from one or more of the most common forms of mental illness.
    Identify Signs and Symptoms
    You’ll learn to spot the early warning signs and symptoms, understand the actions you need to take and where you can go to get professional help.

    We’ll help you understand what is happening in the mind of sufferers, meaning you’ll be better equipped to provide them with the help they need at the time they’ll need it most.

    Give the right assistance
    You’ll learn the right strategy to use when dealing with the most common mental health emergencies, including:

    Anxiety, Depression, Panic attacks, Traumatic events, Severe psychotic states, Suicidal thoughts and behaviours, Aggressive behaviour, Substance abuse

    Handle emergencies
    We’ll show you strategies to apply in a mental health emergency. Armed with the understanding and techniques you’ll learn at the Mental Health Essentials course, you’ll feel confident that when you are called upon, you won’t let anybody down.
    “Straightforward, practical, well presented content & very good presenters (were the) strengths of the course.”Neil Baker, CGW Lawyers

    Course participants receive:

        ?A place in the Mental Health Essentials course
        ?Comprehensive Training Manual
        ?Full range of mental health course materials & resources
        ?Mental Health Essentials Action Plan template
        ?Certificate of Completion
        ?Ongoing support from your instructors

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      “Thank you very much for a very informative & extremely well presented course. I have found it to be very helpful & feel more confident to respond to situations in the future.”Heidi Lehman-Bird, Defence General Counsel

      Register for this training course today!

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      Introducing our workplace mental health specialists

      Wayne Horwood

      Master Social Work, Bachelor Psychology, Mental & Social Health Services and Allied Professions, Certificate IV TAE

      Emmaline J Golding

      Registered Psychologist, Bachelor Science (Hons Psych), Associate Member Australian Psychological Society, NLP Trainer & Advanced Results Coach

      Alison Skate

      Psychologist, Master Organisational Psychology, Bachelor Psychology (Organisational Psychology), Master NLP Practitioner, Advanced Sub-conscious Reprogramming

      Trish Matter

      Diploma in Mental Health and AOD, Certificate IV in Counselling Skills, Certificate IV Mental Health Recovery Oriented Practice, Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment

      Deborah Piper

      Masters Applied Psychotherapy, Graduate Dip. Counselling & Psychotherapy, Cert IV TAE, Registered Nurse, Professional Certificate of Executive Coaching

      Leon Naufahu

      Master of Science in Coaching Psychology, Graduate Diploma in Psychology, Bachelor of Business Studies (International Business & Sports Marketing)

      We are members of the following professional bodies:

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      ?Workplace specific
      We drill down into the heart of challenges specific to the workplace.
      ?Peer networking
      Learn, discuss and develop your Mental Health Strategy in the company of your peers at other organisations. Benefit from other perspectives & experiences.
      ?Interactive format
      We won’t stand and lecture you all day. Videos, group discussions, games and activities play a big role in the Masterclass.
      ?Quality venues
      We select only the best venues in CBD locations, ensuring good proximity to airports, restaurants and other amenities.

      ?Up to the minute information
      We stay up-to-date with all the latest news and developments in mental health, which means we’re always passing on the current information and reports you need.
      ?Comprehensive resources
      You’ll receive a comprehensive Manual (valued at $39.95), along with access to our resources library, bursting with the latest resources and content.
      ?Quality AV production
      Our professional AV production means presenters are on microphones throughout.
      ?More than a course
      You won’t forget us in a hurry, because your course tutors will be available for ongoing support. You’ll stay connected with both the tutors and your fellow course members for lasting encouragement.

      Just some of the benefits of training with the Mental Health Recovery Institute.

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